How do I sign-up for weekend and break trips?

1. Sign-up sheets are posted on the door of the Walkabout office each Monday morning. Put your name on the list or on the waiting list if the trip is full. If you are on the waiting list, please check the sign-up sheet (and your email) on Friday to see if your name has moved up and you are going on the trip. If your name is still on the sign-up list by Friday Morning, you will be charged for the trip - even if you do not go.

2. Trips fill up quickly! If you are 100 percent sure weeks in advance that you want to go on a trip, please e-mail Tim Williams to let him know that you are interested in signing up early. The fall Walkabout schedule is posted on the web and on the door of the Walkabout office during the first week of school in August. The spring Walkabout schedule is posted after we return from Christmas break.

Who is eligible for Walkabout trips?

Unless otherwise posted, Walkabout weekend trips are open to ALL middle and upper school students and faculty.  

Some trips are dedicated to either intermediate or advanced skill levels. These trips will be posted accordingly. Otherwise, each Walkabout trip is designed for students and faculty who have NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE. 

Senior Trip

- reserved for Seniors and Baylor faculty.

Freshman Trip

- reserved for Freshmen and Baylor faculty. We take 35 older student leaders on the Freshman trip. Older students (above 9th grade) who are interested in being a student leader for this trip should check the announcements in the spring for information about applying for student leadership. Student leaders for the Freshman Trip are chosen by the Walkabout faculty based on their maturity, enthusiasm, and ability to teach and inspire younger students.

The Joe Key Award - Maine Trip

- The purpose of the Joe Key Award is to reward students of selfless character who do profound things for their school and their classmates without regard for reward or recognition. The Deans office asks for nominations from students, faculty, and staff in the winter of each year. Nominations are reviewed by the Joe Key Award selection committee in order to select the twelve students whose nominations best fit the philosophy of the trip. All rising Seniors are eligible for nomination.

Foreign Travel

- Adventure travel in foreign countries with Walkabout is an earned privilege. Not all students are suited for third world travel. Involvement in Walkabout will hopefully prepare students for this type of adventure. Determining eligibility for Walkabout foreign travel is an appropriately focused process. For sign-up information, please contact Tim Williams.

Afternoon Walkabout as your sport

- please click here for sign-up information.