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"Composing my favorite week of the school year, the senior trip is an educational enterprise in the best senses of the phrase. Its having physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions gives it a wholeness that enables it to be a nearly perfect conclusion to students' experience at Baylor. The trip is a community of students, faculty, instructors, musicians, storytellers. The twelve small groups are microcosms of the whole. The members talk together; eat, climb, paddle, walk, look and listen together; they feel joy, stress, laughter, fatigue, and fear. They are new friends and old, experiencing one another's vitality in fresh ways. Occurring in the Southern Appalachian Highlands, the trip is also rainfall and sunshine; rocky faces, crags, and nubbins; laurel, fern, and moss; pools, eddies, rapids, and falls. The Chattooga River is magical."

- Bill Cushman

This spring, from May 23rd - May 30th, Baylor seniors will embark on the 44th annual Senior Trip. The trip takes place at Camp Chatuga in Mountain Rest, South Carolina, near the city of Clayton, Georgia. It begins with an overnight backpack, followed by six days of a rotation through a challenging array of activities , including rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, primitive living skills, and a service project. While the activities cast our seniors into an unfamiliar environment, they also get to spend this pivotal time together before they go their separate ways.

Parents and students must return completed NOC form to Ashlee Osteen in order to participate in the Senior Trip.

return to: Ashlee Osteen - Walkabout office in the Frierson Student Center

fax to: Ashlee Osteen  423-757-2550

mail to:

Ashlee Osteen/Baylor School

171 Baylor School Road

Chattanooga, TN 37405

form to download, sign, and return by May 1st:

NOC release 2019

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