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What is Walkabout?

Walkabout is an outdoor program that inspires Baylor students to be adventurous. Backpacking, rock climbing, and kayaking are vehicles to explore the natural world and foreign cultures in a unique way. Outdoor adventure is Walkabout's tool for creating a personal search for grace, composure, fellowship, awareness, and reflection. The aborigines of Australia customarily honor the tradition of adolescents going off into the wilderness to search for added meaning in their lives and for assistance in the struggle through the transitional stage of growing into adulthood. This wandering is called WALKABOUT. Baylor's outdoor program shares this name because we utilize the wilderness to create non-competitive opportunities for students to challenge themselves and share adventures with their teachers and each other.

Spring 2023


28       Cumberland Trail Day hike 


4         Rock Climbing

5         Mountain Biking

9-13   Winter Break

           Brighton Ski Trip 

           Rock Climbing/Caving

26      Paradise hike 


4       Possum Creek Trail Run

12      Lula Lake Day Hike 

18-19  All Girls Backpack - North Chickamauga Gorge

30- April 10 Spring Break

           Moab Mountain Biking

           rain forest exploration/amphibian research - Panama


15-16    Jack's River Backpack

16         Paddle boarding


29        Kayaking

30        sea kayaking


5         Baylor Lake clean-up 

6         Paddle boarding

7         Rafting     

13        Caving

19-26 Senior Trip          


Walkabout Student Instructors

While our instructors acquire significant technical skills during their time with Walkabout, student leaders are selected based on their ability and desire to inspire and instruct their classmates.  They develop guiding skills and experience that lead to a life of adventure far outside the gates of Baylor.

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Walkabout Student Instructors 2021-2022

Lucy Good

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Penelope Kwun

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Nora Redding

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Georgia Johnson

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